Since 1927 in the global market and for over 20 years in Brazil, FB has positioned itself as one of the main companies in the development and creation of new concepts in fashion accessories.

Located in Santa Catarina, equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a highly qualified product development team, FB develops fashion collections based on trend research and in partnership with designers from the main brands in Brazil, becoming a frequent presence in fashion week shows.

Its team of trained salespeople, operating in the main hubs of the clothing, fashion, footwear, and accessories textile industry, allows for a closer relationship with the market, facilitating testing and product development according to the needs of each client.



Quality policy:


Supply textile trims and accessories with innovation and quality, ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers. This is achieved through continuous improvement of products and processes, with a focus on meeting requirements, ensuring safety, fostering a positive working environment, caring for the environment, and ensuring the company's ongoing growth.